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As a graduate of Brigham Young University in 1967, Dr. David Miller immediately continued his education and graduated from dental school at the University of Southern California in 1971. For 8 years he practiced dentistry in Southern California before moving to Utah with his family in 1978. When he opened up his new practice in South Jordan, he became the city's first local dentist.


Professionally, Dr. Miller is a member of the Utah Dental Society and the American Dental Association, as well as being a member of the South Jordan Chamber of Commerce.


Throughout his years of service in the dental industry, he has gained and outstanding reputation for being an excellent dentist. He has watched his practice grow and grow due to it being built on the solid foundation of honesty and integrity.


He considers himself to be a "people's dentist" by being very conservative and only performing the procedures that truly need to be done. He possesses great empathy in regards to the normal fears that people associate with going to the dentist and he helps people find "reasonable" solutions for their dental health that will work perfectly with their budget. He is also a firm believer in good preventive care.


On the personal side, he and his wife, Ginger, have been married for 43 years and have

6 children and 12 grandchildren. Four of his six children followed in his footsteps and pursued careers in the dentistry field. John is a dentist and has been with the practice since 1998. Joanne and Heather are dental hygienists and have been with the practice since 1984 and 1999, respectively. Amber is a chair-side dental assistant and has been with the practice since 2002. Sunny, who is the youngest, is a homemaker and Russ is an attorney and Secret Service Agent. Even Dr. Miller's father, Bill, is a retired dentist so it's safe to say that dentistry truly runs in the Miller family.


Dr. Miller invites you to come and visit him and his staff, many of whom have been here for 20 to 30 years. You'll find our office to be a fun and happy place with great organization.

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Testimonials from Dr. Miller's patients

"We have been patients of Dr. Miller and his staff for 24 years and first became acquainted with his practice when we moved to South Jordan from downtown Salt Lake City. We feel fortunate to have found him first. My family has always been very conscience of good dental hygiene and regular care and Dr. Miller has been and continues to be extremely proficient at keeping on top of our needs…up to and including regular reminders of our 6-month checkups. His methods and treatments reflect the latest in technology and he has kept me, my wife, and our two children to a minimum of reparative care because of the preventive measures he has employed. This, I am certain, has saved me from many potentially large expenditures over our quarter century relationship.


His staff has been delightful to work with and always friendly and helpful. They have been most accommodating when unusual care has been required. Such was the case when my son broke one of his permanent front teeth in an accident and the potential existed for changing his natural smile (and effecting his planned career) forever. Dr. Miller and his son/partner, John, (just out of Dental School) immediately put their talents to work and were able to fix the tooth and make it look as though nothing had ever happened. This included some after hours and Saturday commitments! Cosmetically it was a miracle and many other potentially negative consequences were avoided because of their expertise and dedication

to quality. I have had the occasion to have them both do rework on capped teeth that were done before I met them, as has my wife, and I can unequivocally state that the quality of

their work is a quantum leap ahead of any others we have used or heard about.

I would recommend this practice and Drs. Miller without hesitation to anyone who wants

the best dental care from caring professionals."



Mike Bellows


"Dr. David Miller has been our family dentist since 1984. I was impressed from my very first visit with his expertise, attention to detail and his highly skilled staff. What is truly amazing

is that during the past 20 years my experience has only gotten better. I've especially

enjoyed Dr. Miller's approach to treatment. Often less can be more and he has never

rushed into more expensive, more drastic treatment when a more conservative

approach might do the job.


Dr. Miller's commitment to providing the best dental health care to Salt Lake and the surrounding area has now become a tradition spanning 3 generations.


If you're looking for the finest quality dental care in Utah and perhaps the entire West,

look no further than Miller, Miller and Keefe and the entire staff of Jordan River Dental."


Steve Cosmano