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As the eldest son of Dr. David Miller and grandson of Dr. William Miller, Dr. John D. Miller

is one of only a handful of third generation dentists in the country.


Graduating from Bingham High School in 1988, he served as the Senior Class President,

was a three-year letterman in golf and played on the freshman and sophomore

basketball teams.


Following high school, he served an LDS mission in Tokyo, Japan. Once back in the states,

he went on to study zoology at Brigham Young University and served as Vice President of

the Pre-Dental Club.


He chose to attend the University of Louisville School of Dentistry based on its reputation

as one of the best clinical schools in the nation. While there, Dr. John served as the

president of his class and was awarded the prestigious "Centennial Award" by his

classmates and faculty as the student who best exemplified leadership and professionalism. He has been practicing at Jordan River Dental since his graduation in 1998.


Dr. John Miller is a member of the American Dental Association, Utah Dental Association

and the SLDA.


He is married to Theresa Lewis Miller of Orem, Utah and together they have 4 beautiful children: Casey, Summer, Samuel and Ellie Mae.


Dr. John loves being a dentist and although the majority of his time is taken with work

and family he still is able to find time to enjoy his hobbies of swimming, biking and running.

He has completed several marathons and has finished 3 Ironman Distance Triathlons, including the prestigious Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.

Testimonials from Dr. John's patients

"Through my work as a sales rep for a large dental company I have had the opportunity

to meet and work with hundreds of dentists and have developed an appreciation for the honesty and professional quality found in dentists. One experience with a former dentist involved cosmetic changes to the teeth that weren't all that necessary, procedures having to be redone, and extended amounts of waiting time. It seemed to that doctor business meant more than patient care.


After meeting with Dr. Miller and witnessing how he and his staff interact with their patients, our family decided to give Dr. Miller a try and that decision through time has proved to be

an excellent one. Earlier this year, my 7-year old needed some minor surgery on his front

two teeth. Dr. Miller was able to complete the procedure quickly and so smoothly that my

son didn't even realize what had happened until we told him later that day. Dr. Miller kept

my son calm through a situation that could have been very frightening. We have total confidence in him with our children.


Dr. Miller's office has been very accommodating to my family and me. They always seem

to be on time and Dr. Miller is always sure to give us the time we need to answer questions

and really meet our needs during the appointment. I would highly recommend

Dr. Miller and his staff."


Thank you,

Guy Cazier



"I was a consultant in dentistry for almost five years providing business and financial services to dental professionals. Therefore, I visited hundreds of dental practices each year and knew many of them quite closely.


Out of all these dental practices, I chose Dr. John Miller at Jordan River Dental as my personal dentist. As a result of my professional relationship with all the doctors at Jordan River Dental, I quickly learned that patient care is their top priority. There is never a decision made without first considering how it will impact their patients. This is evident in all aspects of their practice from the dental chair to the business office.


Dr. John Miller, his colleagues, and staff pride themselves with a high degree of professionalism and integrity. They routinely explain all procedures, costs, and insurance issues with each patient so that everything is clearly understood. Additionally, they accept most insurance plans and maintain reasonable fees.


I would proudly recommend Dr. John Miller, as well as Dr. David Miller and Dr. Chris Keefe

to anyone seeking the very best, state-of-the-art dentistry and expect a high level of

patient care."


Hillary C. Beck

Practice Development Specialist

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