Hillary C. Beck

“I was a consultant in dentistry for almost five years providing business and financial services to dental professionals. Therefore, I visited hundreds of dental practices each year and knew many of them quite closely.

Out of all these dental practices, I chose Dr. John Miller at Jordan River Dental as my personal dentist. As a result of my professional relationship with all the doctors at Jordan River Dental, I quickly learned that patient care is their top priority. There is never a decision made without first considering how it will impact their patients. This is evident in all aspects of their practice from the dental chair to the business office.

Dr. John Miller, his colleagues, and staff pride themselves with a high degree of professionalism and integrity. They routinely explain all procedures, costs, and insurance issues with each patient so that everything is clearly understood. Additionally, they accept most insurance plans and maintain reasonable fees.

I would proudly recommend Dr. John Miller, as well as Dr. David Miller and Dr. Chris Keefe to anyone seeking the very best, state-of-the-art dentistry and expect a high level of
patient care.”

Hillary C. Beck
Practice Development Specialist