Amy Birkner

I’ve been seeing Dr. Keefe for about six years. I’m always impressed by his beautiful office, his very attentive staff, and the efficiency of his practice.
I’ve been self-conscious about the color of my teeth for my whole life. I had braces until I was 15, and when they came off, my teeth were straight, but still not attractive in color. I had tetracycline staining, and more discoloration near my gums, so my tooth color was uneven and “dingy”. Once, when I was in my early 30’s and newly divorced, someone actually told me that I would be much more attractive if my teeth were whiter. I was mortified! After that, I smiled with my mouth closed, and tried not to show my teeth in photographs, etc. I heard about a new product, called Kor, and asked Dr. Keefe if he would try it on me. The results in the marketing piece were amazing, and promised to work even on deep staining like I have. We decided to go for it, and see if it would deliver on its promise.

I followed the directions carefully, but didn’t avoid soda (as it recommends). I wore the solution each night, and applied the desensitizer solution each morning. After just a few days, I really started to notice a difference, and at the end of the treatment, my teeth are beautifully white! All this, and NO sensitivity! I had tried another product that promised great results about 10 years ago, but the results were very slight, and the pain made it not worth doing repeatedly. I have slight recession in my gums, and the pain there was agonizing. This time, I experienced no pain, and beautiful, white teeth. I am proud of my smile now, and definitely smile more broadly. I don’t worry about my teeth showing when I speak or smile, and it has made me more self-confident. I am very grateful to Dr. Keefe and his wonderful staff for working with me to achieve the smile I have always wanted, and highly recommend Kor and Jordan River Dental.