Guy Cazier

“Through my work as a sales rep for a large dental company I have had the opportunity to meet and work with hundreds of dentists and have developed an appreciation for the honesty and professional quality found in dentists. One experience with a former dentist involved cosmetic changes to the teeth that weren’t all that necessary, procedures having to be redone, and extended amounts of waiting time. It seemed to that doctor business meant more than patient care.

After meeting with Dr. Miller and witnessing how he and his staff interact with their patients, our family decided to give Dr. Miller a try and that decision through time has proved to be
an excellent one. Earlier this year, my 7-year old needed some minor surgery on his front two teeth. Dr. Miller was able to complete the procedure quickly and so smoothly that my
son didn’t even realize what had happened until we told him later that day. Dr. Miller kept my son calm through a situation that could have been very frightening. We have total confidence in him with our children.

Dr. Miller’s office has been very accommodating to my family and me. They always seem to be on time and Dr. Miller is always sure to give us the time we need to answer questions and really meet our needs during the appointment. I would highly recommend Dr. Miller and his staff.”

Thank you,
Guy Cazier