Janet Weber

Dear Dr. Keefe,
I am so pleased with the Cerec crown you put in on my bottom tooth recently. I can’t stop telling all my family, friends, and the staff in your office when I had my teeth cleaned, how wonderful my Cerec crown is. It may seem funny to be so happy about a crown, but I am. The Cerec crown really amazed me. You designed the crown for me with virtual imaging so it would be an exact fit. Then, with technology I have never seen before, you made a perfect crown in just a few minutes right there in the office. There was no waiting, no temporary crown, no adjustments and no pain. These are all problems I have experienced with past dentists. I guess that is why I was so excited about this Cerec crown, and why I had to write to thank you for being on the cutting edge of technology.

I also wanted to mention that I’ve really appreciated the wonderful dental care I’ve received during the 17 years my family and I, and my elderly dad, have been going to see you. Back then, your office was smaller, but the people working for you have always been like family. The staff always seems so friendly and personable, so that I feel relaxed and happy when I arrive. Although the building and staff have grown larger with the years, the atmosphere is still welcoming and so friendly that it chases away all the apprehension about going to the dentist.

You’ve always kept up with the latest technology in pain relief, which was my main concern through the years. Before I found you at Jordan River Dental, I was fearful of going to the dentist, but you have always been so patient and diligent about pain relief, that I don’t mind getting my teeth worked on anymore. You and your staff have always made me feel comfortable and cared for at your office. They are so cheerful and nice, and always see to it that I feel relaxed and happy.

In addition, you’ve kept up with the latest in technology and equipment also. I’ve watched all the machinery and equipment get better and more advanced with each year. Since having healthy teeth is a large part of a person’s life, having a dentist keep up with the latest inventions in dentistry is important. I’ve been fascinated with how everything is changing and getting better all the time. I certainly appreciate that you make sure to secure the latest breakthroughs and keep up with the latest training that’s out there in the world. I know when my family and I go to your office we are having the best care that that is available!

I hope other people looking for a dentist will be lucky enough to hear about you, Dr. Keefe, so that they will get a doctor with modern techniques and years of experience. You are a qualified, patient dentist that believes in being pain free and friendly. I like the larger, more modern building. The lobby is so cozy with the huge, wall length aquarium, soft lighting, a lot of magazines, a fireplace, and a small town, friendly staff. I know that for 17 years I’ve been well cared for at Jordan River Dental and after getting this Cerec crown I just had to write to tell you how amazed I was.
Since a lot of people may think these things but don’t tell you or write you to tell you, I thought I would just write what I was thinking. Thank you and your staff for making a trip to the dentist a pleasant experience, I really appreciate it!